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Vinyl Flooring

Cost-effective Vinyl Flooring in Byron Bay

If you are looking for a low-cost and easily maintainable flooring option, choose our vinyl flooring services. Records aren’t the only vinyl product making a comeback as vinyl flooring is being used more and more in a number of creative ways. If you are struggling with your renovation budget, vinyl flooring could be your saving grace! Modern vinyl flooring can give you a fantastic look for a great price. If you want a hardwood style or bold patterns vinyl flooring will offer a range of options you will love.

Vinyl flooring is an artificial composite available as vinyl sheet or vinyl tile. Both options are glued to your concrete floor, often with an underlay. The installation process is quite simple when experts like Morris Projects are on the job!

As well as being affordable, and the wide variety of design options available, vinyl flooring is extremely easy to maintain. It is water resistant and can be mopped for an easy clean while also being one of the more hygienic choices bacteria can’t grow on a smooth, seamless floor. If you are an asthma or allergy sufferer, vinyl flooring will be your best friend as it doesn’t hold dust or particles like carpet or timber can.

Morris Projects are your Vinyl flooring experts in Byron Bay and can help you get this durable and resilient flooring option into your home straight away. We recommend vinyl flooring for heavy traffic areas and spaces with kids that can be easily damaged.

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