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Stone Installation
It’s basically a fact that stone tiles and pavers make your garden and outdoor look amazing. Morris Projects are the people to talk to for stone installation in your garden or home that will instantly add value to your home with a brilliant finish.

They are versatile as well! Backyards, bathrooms, driveways, whatever area, some simple stone installation will give things a clean, sleek look.

Stone has a unique look, one that can’t be replicated easily in tile. The natural variations are why so many people ask for stone installation, the earthy feel and design created by nature provide a classic, yet modern, look and above all, a comfortable feel. There is a range of finishes that will make this option even more suitable to your desired design. Choosing a polished or tumbled finish will determine how strong the natural variations in your stone are.

Outdoor areas are featuring a lot more stone installation work in modern designs. It could be a water feature that is the center piece of your garden design or perhaps some stone installation around your pool area is just what it needs to be something extraordinary. Stone is weather-resistant, durable and easy to clean when adequately sealed meaning you have a fantastic look, all year round, for little effort.

Stone is timeless, the changing trends and styles have always utilised its natural appeal. This is why indoor or outdoor; stone installation is an excellent choice. Morris Projects can help you invest in a stone installation that will transform any space into something you will cherish for a very long time.

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